Gluten-Free Resources

I have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity; therefore my tolerance for gluten may be greater or less than for others. While many of these websites primarily provide information for those with Celiac Disease, I have found the information informative.

Below are links to external websites. I take no responsibility for their accuracy or if the information is removed/changed.

All Day I Dream About Food

A food blog that features low-carb gluten-free recipes with amazing photography.

A great website with active forums, particularly useful for the recently diagnosed or those dealing with unsupportive family members.

Celiac and the Beast

Somedays I miss bread and other packaged food. The posts include great reviews of packaged gluten-free foods.

Elena’s Pantry

A food blog focusing on paleo recipes, often using almond flour for baking.


A needed blog and internet community especially for those days when living gluten-free makes you want to scream! It is a great place to vent frustrations and offers snarky support and resources for a gluten-free life.

Gluten-free-girl and the Chef

A food blog focusing on living a happy gluten-free life with great recipes.

gluten-free goddess

A food blog focused on gluten-free recipe make-overs, including a number of vegan recipes.

Gluten-free Philly

While this site mainly focuses on gluten-free resources in Pennsylvania, it includes information about gluten-free options at a number of chain restaurants.

The Gluten Free RD

A blog by a registered dietitian who has gluten sensitivity.  The blog contains information and resources for living a happier gluten-free life.

Happy Herbivore

When I had to follow a low-fat vegan diet before my surgery, I briefly used her meal plans.  The majority of her recipes feature gluten-free alternatives.

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

This website provides  pages and pages of resources for those with gluten intolerance and Celiac disease, it also  provides resources for food industry professionals, dietitians, and health care practitioners.

Tasty Yummies 

A food blog with great gluten-free, dairy free recipes.  Her recipes are primarily vegetarian, focusing on whole, seasonal foods.

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